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Family Planning Centers Spanish Fork UT

Local resource for family planning centers in Spanish Fork. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to pregnancy planning, sex education, parenthood courses, pregnancy tests, and STD screening, as well as advice and content on how to find the right family planning center for you.

Dr. Linda Quinton-Burr
(801) 335-4840
Conscious Living3210 North Canyon Road
Provo, UT
Addiction, Divorce, Domestic Abuse
School: U of Missouri
Year of Graduation: 1973
Years In Practice: 30+ Years
Patient Info
Ethnicity: Any
Gender: Female
Average Cost
$70 - $150

William Erb
(801) 863-8972
Orem, UT
Practice Areas
Clinical Mental Health, Couples & Family, Depression/Grief/Chronically or Terminally Ill, Mental Health/Agency Counseling, Disaster Counseling
National Certified Counselor

Aimee Francom
(801) 404-3069
Orem, UT
Practice Areas
Career Development, Couples & Family, Sexual Abuse Recovery, Depression/Grief/Chronically or Terminally Ill, Disaster Counseling
National Certified Counselor
Language Proficiencies
ASL : American Sign Language

Utah Family Institute
(801) 802-9464
1471 N 1200 W
Orem, UT

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Ms. Janet Chen
(801) 597-3918
12465 S. Fort Street Suite 230
Draper, UT
Credentials: LCSW
Licensed in Utah
15 Years of Experience
Problems Served
Anxiety/Panic Disorders, Depression, Family Dysfunction, Interpersonal Relationships, Parenting Issues
Membership Organizations

Data Provided By:
Jason King
(801) 623-4770
Provo, UT
Practice Areas
Childhood & Adolescence, Clinical Mental Health, Couples & Family, Sexual Abuse Recovery, Supervision
Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor, National Certified Counselor

Mr David O. Williams, LPC
(801) 960-5388
313 East 1200 S.,Suite #101
Orem, UT
Addictions or Substance Abuse,ADHD,Anxiety or Fears,Child or Adolescent Issues,Depression,Impulse Control Disorders,Parenting,Relationship Issues,Spirituality,Trauma and PTSD
Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from Brigham Young University, 1997.
Membership Organizations
Choosing Joy!

Aspen Therapy
(801) 225-3111
3707 N Canyon Rd Ste 2C
Provo, UT

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Greenhouse Center For Growth
(801) 785-1169
194 S Main St
Pleasant Grove, UT

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Ms. Nancy Card
(801) 394-4910
949 East 22nd Street Box 1797
Ogden, UT
Credentials: BS, MAS, MSW, LCSW, QCSW
Licensed in Utah
12 Years of Experience
Problems Served
Anxiety/Panic Disorders, Couple or Marital Issues, Depression, Domestic Violence, Family Dysfunction, Grief/Loss, Interpersonal Relationships, Multicultural Issues, Parenting Issues, Sexual Abuse/Rape, Sexual Disorders, Sexual Orientation, Spiritual/Religi
Populations Served
ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics), Children of Divorce, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual, Military/Veterans, Step Families, Interracial Families/Couples
Membership Organizations
Age Groups Served
Children (6-12), Adolescents (13-17), Young Adults (18-25), Adults (26-59)

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Planning A Pregnancy

Your health and the health of your baby can greatly benefit from planning your pregnancy. Your physical and emotional well being before conception is essential to your baby's growth and development during pregnancy, so taking steps to ensure that you are ready to have a baby can increase your odds of experiencing a pregnancy without complications.

Before you decide to conceive, see your doctor for a comprehensive medical examination. During this visit, your physician will perform a Pap test and internal exam to ensure that your cervix, ovaries and uterus are in working order, as well as noting your weight. He or she will take a detailed family history, and refer you to a genetic counsellor if there is an increased risk of your baby being born with a genetic disorder. Certain genetic abnormalities are inherited, so your doctor will want to know if there is a history of physical or mental defects in your family. Your ethnicity also plays a part in your prenatal health diseases like sickle cell anemia or Tay-Sachs disease are more prevalent in certain ethnic groups.

If you have a pre-existing chronic condition, or if tests reveal that you have a medical disorder, your doctor will provide you with information on treatment and risks during your pregnancy. If you have ever had a sexually transmitted disease, an abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth, your physician needs to know.

A blood test will be performed to see if you have been vaccinated against rubella, a type of measles that can cause birth defects or miscarriage if contracted during pregnancy. You will need to get a vaccine at least three months before you get pregnant if you are not immune.

Now is the time to examine your lifestyle, and eliminate any bad habits. If you smoke, you need to quit now! It can be hard to quit once you are pregnant, and studies have shown that mothers who smoke have babies that are lower in birth weight, and face an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. If you ...

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