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Family Financial Planners Fallon NV

Local resource for family financial planners in Fallon. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to financial expertise on money saving guidelines, household budget planning, wasteful spending elimination, daily expenditure control, retirement planning, prepaid tuition plans, higher education planning, and home equity loans, as well as advice and content on how to save money.

Mr. Douglas Drost, CFP®
(775) 423-8552
2262 Reno Hwy Ste A
Fallon, NV
Edward Jones
Areas of Specialization
Comprehensive Financial Planning, General Financial Planning

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Wells Fargo - West Williams & Venturacci
(775) 428-2516
890 W Williams Ave
Fallon, NV
In-Store Branch
Office Hours
Mon-Sat 10:00 AM-07:00 PM
Sun 10:00 AM-05:00 PM

Greg Phelps
(702) 987-1607
9480 S. Eastern Ave.
Las Vegas, NV
Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules, Ongoing Investment Management, High Net Worth Client Needs, Financial Psychology/Coaching, Helping Clients Identify & Achieve Goals
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, AAMS, CFP®, CLU

Joseph Hollen
Hollen Financial Planning, Ltd.
(775) 827-0670
P.O. Box 6629
Reno, NV
Ongoing Investment Management
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, CFP®

Sidney Blum
GreatLight Fee Only Advisors, LLC
(877) 333-1197
9060 W. Cheyenne Avenue Suite A
Las Vegas, NV
Ongoing Investment Management, Helping Clients Identify & Achieve Goals, Estate & Generational Planning Issues, Middle Income Client Needs, Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules, Planning Concerns for Corporate Executives
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, ATP, BS, CFP®, ChFc, CPA, CPA/PFS

Wells Fargo - Fallon
(775) 423-6541
2211 W Williams Ave
Fallon, NV
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 08:00 AM-06:00 PM
Sat 09:00 AM-04:00 PM
Sun Closed

Bank of America - Fallon Branch
(775) 688-8898
940 W. Williams St
Fallon, NV
Banking Center
Banking Center Services: Change Order, Commercial Deposits
Outdoor ATM Services: Open 24 Hours, Talking ATM, Braille, Accepts Deposits, Drive Up, Deposit Image
English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, French, Russian, Portuguese
Office Hours
Monday 9-5
Tuesday 9-5
Wednesday 9-5
Thursday 9-5
Friday 9-6
Saturday 9-1
Sunday Closed

Christopher Jones
Sparrow Wealth Management
(877) 330-9191
870 Seven Hills Drive
Henderson, NV
Helping Clients Identify & Achieve Goals, High Net Worth Client Needs, Planning Concerns for Corporate Executives, Advising Entrepreneurs, Professional Athletes or Entertainers, Planning Issues for Business Owners
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, BS, CFP®

William Kirby
Kirby Group, Inc.
(775) 853-4159
13375 West Saddlebow Drive
Reno, NV
Ongoing Investment Management, Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, CFP®, MS

Owen Hill
North Lake Tahoe Financial Services, LLC
(775) 831-8511
889 Alder Avenue, Suite 101
Incline Village, NV
College/Education Planning, Advising Employee Benefit Plan Participants, Middle Income Client Needs, Real Estate Investments, Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules, Tax Planning
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, ATP, CFP®, EA

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Financial Planning Before Pregnancy

Financial Planning Before Pregnancy

Making the decision to return to work or be a stay-at-home mom after your baby's birth is a difficult one. Also, determining what your insurance will cover, finding out about your company's maternity leave policy, and even budgeting for diapers and clothing can be stressful. The earlier you begin planning these things, however, the better it will be for you and your family. Here are some tips to get your finances in order before you get pregnant.

Your Family's Income

If you and your partner both work, your finances can take a hit if you plan on staying home with your baby after the birth. The first step is to talk with your partner, and write down all of your current income and expenses. Now, calculate how feasible it will be to cover these expenses with only one income, as well as the costs of raising a child. Try to set aside money each month to prepare for pregnancy and parenting.

Health Insurance And Pregnancy

It's essential that you look into your health insurance plan before you get pregnant. Some health insurance plans won't cover prenatal care and testing, while others will even pay for midwives or doulas if you choose. You need to be thorough what about emergency C-sections, or newborn care after the birth? If you don't check the policy carefully now, you may be faced with some unexpected and expensive surprises during your pregnancy.
If your current plan leaves a lot to be desired, you can switch health insurance coverage to a lower cost plan. Women who are already pregnant when they switch plans need to make sure that the insurance covers pre-existing conditions. For lower income families, there are community programs in place that will provide low-fee insurance coverage for mothers and newborns.
Don't forget about life and disability insurance planning. If something happens to you, you want your baby to be provided for. You may have life insurance or long-term disability insurance...

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