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Dietitians for Men Merrimack NH

Dietitians for men provide expert nutrition and dietary advice to men on how to stay healthy. Read on to learn more on dietitians for men in Merrimack, NH and get access to healthy diets, supplements for men, dietary intake, weight management, and advice on dietary changes, as well as content on how good nutrition can help boost male fertility.

Kimberly Edith Dorval, RD
(603) 627-6887
Nutrition in Motion82 Palomino Lane Ste 501
Bedford, NH
Audrey Lynn Anastasia Kanik, MS, RD
(603) 533-4937
Springfield College500 Commercial Street
Manchester, NH
Markit Health, LLC
(800) 892-9794
800 Islington Street
Portsmouth, NH
Diet(ician) / weightloss

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Connie J Rieser, RD
(603) 893-5274
8 Cristy Rd
Windham, NH
Amy W. Tuller, LD, RD
Performance Nutrition Consulting17 Elm St #3
Lancaster, NH
Clarissa S London, RD
(603) 889-8188
Nutrition ETC Corp15 Tanguay Ave
Nashua, NH
Connie J Rieser, RD
(603) 893-5274
8 Cristy Rd
Windham, NH
Hilary Warner, RD
(603) 223-8119
Nutrition Works LLC18 N Main St Ste 304
Concord, NH
Kc S Wright, MS, RD
(603) 650-9495
Dartmouth Hitchock Medical Center1 Medical Center Dr
Lebanon, NH
Gita Patel, MS, RD
(603) 643-3930
7 Partridge Road
Etna, NH
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Dads-to-be: Diet Changes to Boost Your Fertility

If you and your partner are trying to conceive, you know that her health and diet play a central role in fertility. However, you could be sabotaging your chance of conception with diet mistakes, and the foods you eat could even boost your fertility! Take a look at some of these diet changes you can make to up your odds of getting pregnant.

Cut the extra beers and cigarettes out of your diet. A few drinks are nothing to worry about, but if you're guzzling a six pack on the couch or overindulging with friends, you need to slow down. Alcohol consumption has been linked with low testosterone and sperm count, as well as increasing the number of abnormal sperm you produce. If you're a smoker, this is the best time to quit before the stress of the pregnancy and birth come into play. Smoking has been shown to cause a low sperm count, so the sooner you quit, the better your chance for conception.

You need to up your intake of certain vitamins. Vitamin C helps sperm move faster and prevent certain defects in your sperm that could hinder conception. Have an extra glass of orange juice each day and look for a supplement that contains vitamin C. Vitamin D can also increase your fertility, so make sure you're getting at least 400 micrograms each day. Foods like milk and salmon have a lot of Vitamin D, so reach for that extra filet if you and your spouse are trying to get pregnant.

We know women need folic acid for a healthy conception and pregnancy, but men do too. You need 400 micrograms each day, and you'll find folate rich foods like spinach and fortified breakfast cereals can help increase your chances. In women, folic acid can decrease the chances of a baby born with neural tube defects like spina bifida. In men, a shortage of folic acid leads to a low sperm count.

Ensure you're getting the calcium you need to conceive. Calcium helps your bones and teeth stay strong, and research has also shown that it gives fertility a boost make sure you're getting 1,000...

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How a Father Should Prepare

How a Father Should Prepare

A father-to-be should share in the experiences of pregnancy along with the mother. It's important that the mother feels supported during her pregnancy, as she'll be dealing with physical and emotional changes. Pregnancy is also a chance for a father to share the ups and downs of the entire nine months.

The Father's Health

Just as the mom needs to eat a balanced diet for optimal health, a father needs to be aware of eating the right foods. While it's fine to indulge in a dessert or fatty snack once in awhile, overdoing it can cause heart disease, stroke and obesity. You want to be around to watch your child grow up, and by monitoring your diet you can lessen or eliminate a lot of health risks. Your diet can even affect your fertility, so if you're trying to get pregnant, look for foods high in iron and Vitamin C to boost your chances of conception.

If you smoke, you need to quit. Secondhand smoke is extremely dangerous for mother and baby, and can cause low birth weight, premature labor and cleft palates or a cleft lip. It is also a bad environment for a baby as your child grows he or she will look to you for guidance, and smoking isn't setting a good example.

Help Your Spouse Feel Comfortable

Whether that means fetching an extra pillow for the bed, or talking to her about her fears, be there for the mother and let her know that you support her during the pregnancy. It's an anxious time for fathers too, so don't be afraid to confide your fears you may have concerns about taking care of your child financially, or that you won't know how to hold the baby properly. Sharing them will only make you both feel better.

Learn As Much As You Can

While the mother will experience the first kick, the changes in her body, and going through labor and delivery, you can also share many of these emotions as you go through the pregnancy together. Be as involved as possible in the pregnancy: from attending doctor's...

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